L4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

If you’re looking to get ahead as a personal trainer this Level 4 qualification will provide you with more knowledge and experience to stand out! 


Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Traininghas been designed to take experienced personal trainers to the next level in their careers, improving their skillset, overall products and services they can offer their clients.



Throughout the Level 4 you will further enhance your knowledge and experience skills by introducing practical application of best practice when periodising training and applying enhaced techniques.

Level 4 Advanced Personal Training:

  • Unit 1 – Applied techniques to support, enhance and manage the client journey.
  • Unit 2 – Progressing clients towards successful achievement of goals.

Course Assessment

  • Coursework
  • 12 week Case Study
  • Proof of evidence
  • Practical demonstration of skills
  • Written assignment



Entry Requirements

Level 3 Qualification in Personal Training

12 months of experience as a personal trainer

PASSION for fitness and helping others.

No other prerequisites required.




What can I do with L4 Advanced Personal Training Qualification?

Wide range of opportunities can arise from completing Level 4, you can open your own personal training studio, become an online PT, be a freelance trainer, be self-employed working out of a gym or become part of a working organisation amongst a few options.

After the course we GUARANTEE opportunities to work with us in our personal training studio, we know you will be at a high standard upon completion!



Level 4 Certificate is offered at £1475, there are also instalments available talk to our staff to find out more.



Just decide on the learning format that suites you:


For more information on instalments or getting started please let us get in contact with you.



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