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Do you even know how much Caffeine is in a Coffee, Energy Drink or Pre Workout?

  As a Personal Trainer you would hope that we know about energy drinks a little! The reality is when we teach personal training courses we only just delve into it a small part as there are so many areas that we need to cover. So I’ve put this together to help educate both trainers…
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Hydration how important is it?

6 minute read Obviously water is extremely important in our day to day lives and if you don’t get enough of it well it will effect your daily functioning. They say in sporting performance a drop of 1-2% can have significant effects on sporting performance. Therefore for each sport you take part in you need…
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Nutrition Myths Part 1

5 Minute Read Author Greg Goodrem Eating Late at Night will make you fat?! So the Theory is that if you eat after a certain time you will just put that weight on as fat! This simply isn’t the case it all comes down to circumstance e.g. if you train like I use to at…
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