Government Funded or Self Funded

At Balanced Training are proud to offer Government Funded Loans as well as Self funded courses


Government Funded Loans

  • The government 24+ learner loans scheme can fund qualifications of Level 3 and 4 (Including the Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Diplomas)
  • Available to those Aged 24+.
  • Loans are not subject to credit checks.
  • Loan payments start once the individual has left their course entered repayment and is earning more than £21,000 a year from the start of each tax year.
  • Learner loans offer the individual the chance to complete a qualification quicker than if they were taking the apprenticeship route.
  • There is no functional skills with the learner loan thus saving you time completing Maths and English assignments.
  • Learner loans are also a way for learners to help develop their skills and create a career.



Self Funded

  • You can self fund a course by paying either on finance or in a lump sum.
  • If paying by finance your certificates will be issues at particular points during your course.

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