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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training is by far the top service you can get in any gym and at Balanced Training we take it to the next level. Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their goals and we are leading the way with personal training in Southend & Shoeburyness. We have helped hundreds of people just like you, transform their bodies and mindset.

At Balanced Training it is more than just ‘the session’ its about helping people change to what they want to become.

There are many reasons people come to us and often it’s an accumulation of many different things.


Is This You?

  • Looking in the mirror not liking or even hate, what you’re seeing looking back?

  • Have a “spare tyre” or “flabby” bits, that you really want to get rid of?

  • Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin & lacking confidence?

  • Looking at old pictures and thinking “I use to look great then what has happened to me?”

  • Find that none of your clothes seem to fit anymore?

  • Feel tired, slow and lacking energy?

Have you attempted to lose some weight or get a ‘bit’ fitter by starting to train but…

  • Find gyms intimidating?

  • When you do brave the gym you’ve wandered aimlessly around and effectively achieved nothing?

  • Lacking motivation and drive?

  • Have no idea what “diet” to follow or what “workout” to do?

At Balanced Training we get all types of people we get people that have NO IDEA where to start or have TRIED EVERYTHING, ALL THE DIETS and nothing seems to work or at least not in the long term.

We totally understand the fear of failing and promise you that we will cut through the food myths of training and nutrition. We will give you cold hard FACTS and direct your energy and effort to what actually works and move you towards your goals!

What will you get out of Personal Training with us?

We are a results based business and try to keep the main thing THE MAIN THING! It’s easy to lose track once you start getting results but we will see you to the end.

We include EVERYTHING that is required for success.
Motivation, Exercise, Nutrition, Support & Accountability.

  • We’re a private training studio which means:

  • NO queuing for equipment

  • NO busy times

  • NO intimidating people

  • NO egos

  • We focus in on your goals and in our dedicated facility, we aim to reach the absolute best results with your specific focus at the heart of the plan.

How can we train you?

If you would like to book a session with us please follow this link or alternatively let us contact you by filling out your information below.