Sarah was a massive help to me during my first year at university. Having her seminars, anatomy lectures and First Aid practicals were incredibly useful as she helped elaborate and explain better any particular topics I was findings difficult.

Her enthusiasm for the subject translated during her teaching

Joyce Mlambo

My wife has been a PT for 9 years and has also run ‘Flame award’ winning gyms. As you can imagine, over the years I have met more than my fair share of trainers but none quite like Greg. With his professionalism and unrivalled knowledge he is truly a credit to himself and your company.

 He is fantastic at addressing a class and getting them to produce the absolute best results they are capable of, but I think that Greg especially comes into his own when he is on a 1-2-1 level. I honestly believed that my goals became his goals and I have smashed every one of them as a result of his diligence and attention to detail.

 He is an inspiration and deserves great applause for his patience and generosity in sharing what he knows.

Gavin Livermore

Personal Trainer

I had Sarah as a lecturer whilst learning my basic anatomy and massage skills, she was a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm and insight into the industry.

I not only learnt and developed my anatomy and massage techniques, but Sarah supplied us with many opportunities to practice our skills at events which were great to see what it was really like.

I am now working full time as a sports masseuse and continuing my practice with more qualifications availably in this field.

George Ashbury

A Great way to learn what is needed to be an effective well-informed personal trainer. GET THE ATTENTION YOU NEED to pass and begin building your business.


Personal Trainer & Calisthenics specialist

Go for it,if its what you want to do. Do not let worries of failing discourage you. You learn at your own pace and with Balanced Trainings support you can do it.


Personal Trainer

Fast learning in a friendly and relaxed environment!

George S

Personal Trainer

It’s a great course and if your interested in fitness you should join!

I had guidance even on day’s I wasn’t at the course, gaining a lot of knowledge and being qualified.

Jay Walker

Personal Trainer

Course fit around my schedule!

‘What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our courses?’

Do it!


Online Personal Trainer

I have achieved more confidence in educating fellow gym goers on training and general fitness because of this increasing my skill of teaching.

I like how the teaching is more laid back, and more comfortable than usual teaching/schooling.

Gary Cahill

Personal Trainer

The course was flexible and worked around me.

Greg was very patient and thorough and very good at helping me complete my qualification.


Personal Trainer

It’s a really good course. Which was really flexible.


Beauty and Sports Massage Therapist

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